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Explosives are materials or items which have the ability to rapidly conflagrate or detonate as a consequence of chemical reaction.


Division 1.1

Substances and articles which have a mass explosion hazard

Division 1.2

Substances and articles which have a projection hazard but not a mass explosion hazard

Division 1.3

Substances and articles which have a fire hazard and either a minor blast hazard or a minor projection hazard or both

Division 1.4

Substances and articles which present no significant hazard; only a small hazard in the event of ignition or initiation during transport with any effects largely confined to the package

Division 1.5

Very insensitive substances which have a mass explosion hazard

Division 1.6

Extremely insensitive articles which do not have a mass explosion hazard

Reason for Regulation

Explosives are capable by chemical reaction of producing gases at temperatures, pressures and speeds as to cause catastrophic damage through force and/or of producing otherwise hazardous amounts of heat, light, sound, gas or smoke.

Commonly Transported Explosives

  1. Ammunition/cartridges
  2. Fireworks/pyrotechnics
  3. Flares
  4. Blasting caps / detonators
  5. Fuse
  6. Primers
  7. Explosive charges (blasting, demolition etc)
  8. Detonating cord
  9. Air bag inflators
  10. Igniters
  11. Rockets
  12. TNT / TNT compositions
  13. RDX / RDX compositions
  14. PETN / PETN compositions


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