Oxidising Substances


/NOMINATED/ Fertilizer for grass, lawn, meadow in a bag of white granules on green grass.
Oxidizers are defined by dangerous goods regulations as substances which may cause or contribute to combustion, generally by yielding oxygen as a result of a redox chemical reaction. Organic peroxides are substances which may be considered derivatives of hydrogen peroxide where one or both hydrogen atoms of the chemical structure have been replaced by organic radicals.


Division 5.1

Oxidizing substances

Division 5.2

Organic peroxides

Reason for Regulation

Oxidizers, although not necessarily combustible in themselves, can yield oxygen and in so doing cause or contribute to the combustion of other materials. Organic peroxides are thermally unstable and may exude heat whilst undergoing exothermic autocatalytic decomposition. Additionally, organic peroxides may be liable to explosive decomposition, burn rapidly, be sensitive to impact or friction, react dangerously with other substances or cause damage to eyes.

Commonly Transported Oxidizers; Organic Peroxides

  1. Chemical oxygen generators
  2. Ammonium nitrate fertilizers
  3. Chlorates
  4. Nitrates
  5. Nitrites
  6. Perchlorates
  7. Permanganates
  8. Persulphates
  9. Aluminium nitrate
  10. Ammonium dichromate
  11. Ammonium nitrate
  12. Ammonium persulphate
  13. Calcium hypochlorite
  14. Calcium nitrate
  15. Calcium peroxide
  16. Hydrogen peroxide
  17. Magnesium peroxide
  18. Lead nitrate
  19. Lithium hypochlorite
  20. Potassium chlorate
  21. Potassium nitrate
  22. Potassium chlorate
  23. Potassium perchlorate
  24. Potassium permanganate
  25. Sodium nitrate
  26. Sodium persulphate


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